Byte Me

Byte Me Screenshot 1

Byte Me is a native app for Android and iOS with a custom audio emoji keyboard that lets users to add audio animated clips to messages.

The custom keyboard works in all messaging platforms like FB Messenger and WhatsApp.

The iOS app was build in Objective-C and the Android in Java. Both platforms feature a complex custom keyboard packed with a multi-axis scrolling navigation and search functionality.

Building these keyboards was big challenge since the client wanted the functionality to be mirrored on both platforms.

The backend consists of several components like a bespoke CMS, API, Search Engine and CDN.

Each component makes use of several AWS services like S3, CloudFront, EBS, CloudSearch, Route53 and others.

The entire system has been massively optimised for caching, high performance and availability at low cost.

I was the tech director and lead developer for both iOS, Android and the backend fully hosted and powered by AWS.