This campaign was devised to challenge existing and new racing fans of the Grand Turismo series.

Users could ‘Settle a grudge’ with their friends through three exciting racing challenges, all within the GT5 Facebook app.

The result was a large Facebook hub with leader-boards, grudges, stats and 3 mini games featuring the amazing in game graphics from the original console game.

The entire front-end was built in Flash powered by a PHP back-end.

The Facebook API was used extensively in this app. The game was also localised into several European languages.

I was the tech director of this project and got involved in the conception, scoping, tech direction, pitch, UX, IA and overseeing the dev team during the production and delivery

GT5 Screenshot 1
GT5 Screenshot 2
GT5 Screenshot 3
GT5 Screenshot 4
GT5 Screenshot 6