How To Train Your Dragon

Become The Ultimate Dragon Trainer was a campaign for release of the movie How to Train Your Dragon.

This campaign had a main hub site, and several other points of contact scattered around the web and mobile including mini-games and apps.

Users could create an account on the hub site 30 days prior the release date. By doing so, users were given a baby dragon which they had to train up for a big on-line augmented reality race on the film’s release date.

By interacting with the mini-games and activities, users were rewarded points for building up their dragons strength for the big race.

The front-end was built in Flash and was powered by a PHP the back-end. The site was also localised into several different languages.

We also built a powerful RESTfuf API in PHP to manage all the user and score data. The API was extensively used by other vendors and developers around the world to interface all their mini-games and apps with the campaign central data.

I was involved in the scoping, technical direction, API architecture, API development and documentation, game development and overseeing the dev team during the production and delivery of this project.

Runner Up The Creative Showcase Awards
'The Ultimate Dragon Trainer' campaign

  • Client: Dreamworks & Paramount Pictures
  • Agency: Momentum London
  • Released: Jan 2010
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