This was the official global site for the launch of the PS3 title inFAMOUS.

The site was designed in a super sexy comic book style and localised into several languages and packet with a unique interactive experience, mini game, title info, news, videos and other media.

The interactive experience was a story played in a comic book style where users could chose where the story goes.

Like in the actual game, certain choices in the interactive experience would cause the your character to unleash a lot of special powers, which sometimes would cause some damage to elements of the site such as the navigation and MPU modules.

The entire website layout would be affected by the user's choices.

There were also several different endings to the story.

I was involved in the scoping, technical direction, interactive experience development and overseeing the dev team during the production and delivery of this project.

Infamous Screenshot 1
Infamous Screenshot 2
Infamous Screenshot 3