Your Kinect

Youu Kinect Animation

This complex project involving several teams and disciplines. The brief was to enable consumers to try the revolutionary Xbox Kinect technology and some pre-release games at strategic locations across the UK.

First we created a Facebook App to be the campaign digital hub, where users could learn about and book trial experiences around their local area. Users could also invite friends to join them.

During the trial check-in, users were given a branded RFID bracelet which was linked to their Facebook profile.

The bracelets could be used around the installation to 'Like' videos from the video wall, share photos from the green screen photo booth and check-in to Facebook places in real time. Walk-in users could also register for Kinect trials on the spot via touch-screens kiosks.

There was so much detail. We were even displaying photos from the user's Facebook account into digital photo frames inside the trial booths to personalise the experience and make users feel at home.

The entire experience was seamlessly integrated with Facebook which in turn really helped to amplify the message across that social platform.

I was the tech director of this project and played an instrumental part in both creative and tech direction, working closely with other heads of departments during all stages including the initial conception, pitch, scoping, UX and IA.

I was also overseeing a big team of developers during the production and delivery stages.

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